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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Idaho takes important step in preventing suicide

The 2016 Legislature authorized the establishment of a permanent organization to prevent suicide deaths in Idaho, and funded it with $1 million.

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2015 Conference Presentations

Speakers from our March 10 conference are generously sharing these materials from their presentations.

These include a web page view, a pdf, and a download of the powerpoint presentation.

Zero Suicide Conference Presentations

Keynote, Paul Quinnett web, pdf, ppt
Panel 1, Julie Rickard web, pdf, ppt
Panel 1, Mike Hogan web, pdf, ppt
Panel 1, Ursula Whiteside web, pdf, ppt
Panel 2, Jenn Stuber         pdf, ppt
Panel 3, Elaine Frank web, pdf, ppt
Panel 3, Scot Haug web, pdf, ppt
Panel 4, David Dickinson web, pdf, ppt

2015 Conference Sponsors


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Washington – Montana – Idaho)

QPR Institute
#LiveWilder Foundation
Marny Lombard
Youth Suicide Prevention Program

WSU School of Nursing
Andy Benjamin JD PhD ABPP

Idaho Panhandle Health District
Jennifer Stuber
Spokane Coalition for Suicide Prevention
Carrie Holliday
SPAN North Idaho
The Rider Family

Greg Bever
Gurian Institute
Dave Ross
Spokane Transfer
Sylvia Passe

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In remembrance of Sam Lombard, Cameron Wilder and far too many others.

What is Zero Suicide?

Zero Suicide is a commitment to suicide prevention in health and behavioral health care systems and also a specific set of tools and strategies. It is both a concept and a practice. Its core proposition is that suicide deaths for people under care are preventable and that the bold goal of zero suicides among persons receiving care is an aspirational challenge that health systems should accept.

—The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

However, we want more for our communities. Our goal is zero suicide. We understand that this is a major undertaking, that this conference creates a beginning, an open door. It’s after the conference that the work will begin.

Who We Are

Suicide Prevention Inland Northwest, is an ad hoc group of suicide prevention advocates who believe that within a committed community much can be done to significantly lower - or even eliminate - the number of lives lost to suicide. We seek to adapt and incorporate the body of knowledge known as the Zero Suicide Initiative into the Inland Northwest.

Dr. Paul Quinnett is a clinical psychologist, and founder and CEO of the QPR Institute. QPR is used nationally and internationally as a training to teach any adult how to respond if concerned with someone’s emotional safety. Dr. Quinnett was director of training for the Spokane Mental Health APA-approved psychology internship program for more than 20 years and has served on the board of the American Association of Suicidology. Heavily involved in the training of mental health professionals, he currently serves as clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the University of Washington School of Medicine. To help prevent suicide, he donated his bestseller, Suicide: the Forever Decision, to the world in 2005 via the World Wide Web.

Dr. John Osborn, physician at Spokane’s VA Hospital, has long worked to bring better suicide prevention training to the VA. He became a suicide loss survivor in September 2013, after the death of his 17-year-old nephew in Boise. This year, Osborn was honored by the UW-based organization, Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention, for his advocacy for a suicide prevention measure in the Washington Legislature. The new law - the first in the nation - requires all health care staff, including primary care providers, to receive education in assessing, managing and treating suicidal patients.

Marny Lombard is a writer and editor. She lost her 22-year-old son to suicide in April 2013. After nearly 10 years at Gonzaga University as editor of the alumni magazine, she is working as an advocate for suicide prevention and depression awareness.

Sabrina Votava directs the Spokane Suicide Prevention Coalition and is a field worker for the Youth Suicide Prevention Program in Spokane and eastern Washington. Two of Sabrina’s brothers, Zach Ross and Kacey Ross, died by suicide.

We began working together in fall 2013.